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Sports and Orthopedic Soft Tissue Massage Therapy

Enjoy long-term relief through Greg’s  “Peel the Onion” technique. This customized therapeutic tool systematically works to relieve musculoskeletal conditions by releasing tight areas, increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, allowing greater flexibility, balancing muscular symmetry, reducing recovery times and creating a state of general relaxation.

  • Symmetry Sports Massage’s
    attention to each individual client combined with the experience of numerous modalities allows for the ability to address your mental and physical stresses and your preventative and rehabilitative recovery needs no matter how complex they may be.
  • Symmetry Sports Massage
    addresses conditions that include, but are not limited to, chronic pain, nerve crush, inflammation, fascial tensions, muscular adhesions, joint stiffness, body aches, mental and physical stress, trigger points, tendonitis, strains, sprains and muscle tears.
  • Symmetry Sports Massage
    devotes it’s time helping clients live a more pain and stress free lifestyle. Sports and orthopedic massage therapies can alleviate your condition and prevent future occurrences whether you are an athlete with a sports-related injury, a driver with pain from an accident, or you are suffering from occupational-related chronic pain.


Greg has had the opportunity to work with Cirque du Soleil, the U.S. Olympic Gymnastic Team, the Rockettes, and many other professional and amateur athletes. He looks forward to the opportunity to help you.


Symmetry Sports Massage utilizes a variety of manual therapies, modalities and massage therapy techniques.


Our sessions can include sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and multiple stretching techniques.


Licensed Massage Therapist, Greg Eisenberg, uses many industry-leading approaches, coordinated with homework he designs for clients, to build “muscle momentum”.

  • I am currently 53 years old and a cancer survivor. In August of 2011 I lost my right lung to Mesothelioma. Areas of concern have been the lack of a right lung to fill and expand my chest cavity, therefore causing subsequent changes in my posture and muscle symmetry. I have been seeing Greg Eisenberg for massage for over a year and what he has done to improve my muscle movement, muscle tightness, soreness and incision pain is just incredible! After surgery I was left with a large scar around my right shoulder blade. He has worked hard to flatten out the bunched up musculature around the incision site, worked trigger points to increase muscle movement, helped to relax related muscle tension from the surgery and assisted in guiding me through stretching exercises to improve flexibility in my shoulder and back.

    In addition Greg has coordinated his work with my chiropractor and is currently helping me with left side/right side muscle imbalance in my core and hips due to a missing right lung by easing out muscles that are overworked and in a state of shut down which have caused my back to pull to the right. This situation is affecting my posture, breathing and limits my ability to maintain a sitting position for a period of time. Greg is helping to improve this situation for me.

    I am very lucky to have been introduced to Greg and highly recommend him. He has certainly helped to improve my quality of life!

    Ken R., Alpharetta, GAA Mesothelioma Survivor
  • Playing tennis and racquetball multiple times a week has taken it’s toll on my body. Recently I have been suffering with extreme upper back and shoulder pain, barely able to lift my arm. Greg worked on me for one session and the pain was gone for almost a week. Moreover, Greg informed me that the back pain was not from the area feeling the pain but the actual issue came from elsewhere in my body. His work has helped me to understand how important it is as an active athlete to have my entire body aligned for ultimate, pain free sports and living!

    In addition, being a female Greg was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable while he worked on me. I will definitely be back soon.

    Toby V., Roswell, GAA Weekend Warrior
  • 18 years of gymnastics, 2 years of Track & Field, and 3 Years as a US Bobsledder will take a toll on your body! And now.. I am competing in Olympic style Weightlifting! Massage is a necessity for optimal athletic performance as well as just simply staying healthy. I have worked with several different massage therapists in my athletic days, and Greg is by far the best. I highly recommend him! I feel so incredibly blessed to have found Greg at Symmetry Sports Massage and I am looking forward to continuing to work with him!

    Megan H., Woodstock, GA.A Full Throttle Competitor
  • Two years ago I went through 6 months of physical therapy after being diagnosed with a small fissure in a disc, 2 bulging discs, and 1 herniated disc all at the same time. Ever since then my general tightness and every day pain has never really subsided. I had been through many massage therapists in town in an attempt to feel better. I met Greg 6 months ago and he has determined what my muscular issues are and has treated them. He has helped bring my musculoskeletal system back to balance. He has a provided me with the most pain free living I have had in years. In my opinion (from someone that has been all over) there’s no reason to go elsewhere.

    John M., Cumming, GA A Sufferer of Chronic Pain
  • A few years ago a peculiar injury to my hamstring, hip joints and sacrum area really put a dent in my activity level. Prior to the injury I had been a runner for 30 years, tennis player, golfer, and enjoyed biking whenever I felt like it. As a personal trainer I stayed active teaching classes and working out. This came to a halt with an injury that no one seemed to be able to diagnose.

    I was referred to Greg. He knew exactly how to release the tight trigger spots and was able to get me up and running again (literally). He also determined that a short leg is causing a musculoskeletal imbalance in my hips and affecting my spine.

    Greg listens (a rare trait) to what you are saying and considers all aspects of treatment that might help. He takes his time to evaluate and sends you home with homework between sessions. Never pushy, honest and compassionate, I finally found my therapist!

    Thank you Greg for transferring your positive energy and helping me heal.

    Mary S., Alpharetta, GAA Personal Trainer / Nutritionist
  • Giving a mega – sized shout out to Symmetry Sports Massage – and more specifically, Greg Eisenberg – is an absolute MUST! I have been struggling with increased neck and shoulder pain over the past couple years. I just chalked it up to “getting older “… But over the past six months the pain has gotten to the point that it has started interfering with everyday life. I knew I had to find someone who could help. After just ONE appointment, Greg was able to pinpoint my source(s) of pain and provide relief from my misery. I am BEYOND thankful that there are specialists out there who take the time to listen and HELP without pushing meds or surgery. I look forward to continuing to work with Greg, getting back on track, and ditching the pain entirely in the near future. Big thanks to my friend Mary for referring me to the GURU of sports massage!

    Elaine D.P., Canton, GAA Grateful New Client

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Symmetry Sports Massage provides a customized treatment plan based on client concerns, prior and current mental and physical stress, activity level, livelihood and physical condition. Modalities used in treatment can include:

Orthopedic Massage

involves therapeutic assessment, manipulation, and movement of the locomotor soft tissues to reduce or eliminate pain or dysfunction. A unique multidisciplinary approach is utilized to restore structural balance throughout the body, which allows focus on prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions and chronic pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Is a very specific process using a scientific approach focusing on very specific muscles and their tendons. The result is greater flexibility, blood flow and balancing the central nervous system.

Trigger Point therapy

Is a technique used to release hyper-contractions called trigger points. Trigger points are usually painful and result in the loss of elasticity and blood flow of very specific area of a muscle. They are caused by muscle overload, repetitive strain, overwork, fatigue, poor posture or body mechanics. Pressure is used in very specific areas of muscle tissue to break up the “knots”.

Active Release Technique

is a technique used to release hyper-contractions called trigger points. Trigger points are usually painful and result in the loss of elasticity and blood flow of very specific area of a muscle. They are caused by muscle overload, repetitive strain, overwork, fatigue, poor posture or body mechanics. Pressure is used in very specific areas of muscle tissue to break up the “knots”.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Commonly known as MET, muscle energy technique is a form of stretching commonly used by sports massage therapists. The technique involves the active contraction of a muscle by the client against a resistive force provided by the therapist.

Myofacial Release

is a manipulative treatment that releases tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. This technique restores mobility and removes restrictions in fascial tissues using gentle manual manipulation and stretching. Fascia is a connective tissue that encompasses the muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs of the body.



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